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Kombinerad 25-års fest och examenskalas på Ådön. Trots jättekallt väder veckan innan visade vädret sig från sin bästa sida under lördagskvällen med sol och klarblå himmel. Grabbhäng + the view Kaka! Sarah Julia & Nina Glada

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    "Storsand" is an conservation area in Munsala in Ostrobothnia. The signs i made contain of information about the wildlife and vegetation, and also some pointers about how you should behave yourself in this guarded nature. More pictures will come as soon as the signs are installed in their

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Whenewer iI have time I am an enthusiastic illustrator. Posters, calendars and postcards are just some of the things I do just for fun.   Did you wan't to purchase one of the posters? Contact me:

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