Branding is simply put about visually showing your company’s identity. It’s about people recognizing your brand amongst others. The logotype and graphic profile are vital parts of the branding package. 

Logo and graphic profile.

Your logo and your graphic profile are both essential parts of your company’s brand. We create recognition by repeatedely communicating the same message.  


I can help you layout everything from broschures to handouts, banners and ads. 


I design webpages in WordPress with the design tool Elementor. Elementor is a powerful webdesign tool that also makes the site easy to update after launch. 


Layout of text, artdirection and cover design. I can help you with it all.


Labels and packaging. 

Your project

I have had the benefit of working on a wide range of different projects in my life. Planning of exhibition stalls, layout of exhibitions at the museum, planning shop windows and so on. Do you have a visual problem? Get in touch and we will solve it together.