Graafinen suunnittelu ja kuvallinen kommunikaatio

Indevit Solutions

Indevit is a software development company based in Vasa with extensive industrial experience. They mostly work with large and middle-sized companies and organisations, who need a trusted long-term partner to take an all-round look at their IT challenges. The company was founded in 2011, and is now growing, and it was time for a brand update that matches with their new goals.

Kuvat: Marie Lillhannus/PicMi
Tekstit: Sarah Väre/Väre & co

Logodesign and visual idenitity

During the project we updated the existing logo, making sure that it was still recognizable to those who already know Indevit as a company. We came up with a new fresh set of colors and fonts, and brought it all together on the brand new websites, designed by Elin Nyman and coded by Indevits own skilled developers. Have a look at the result at indevit.com!