Graafinen suunnittelu ja kuvallinen kommunikaatio

Micken keittokirjat

Michael Björklund is an award winning chef from the Åland Islands. He has focused on highlighting Nordic food, products, and producers. In his back pocket, Michael has titles, such as Chef of the Year, both in Finland and in Sweden, a fifth place in the Bocuse d’Or chef championship.

Kuvat: Tiina Tahvanainen ja Linus Lindholm

Layout and Art Direction

The cook book series contains of three books, “Mickes Fisk”, “Mickes Söta” and “Mickes Vilda”, all sharing Mickes views and ideas of cooking with local ingredients and bringing traditional home cooking to the big masses. For Micke it was important that the books contained of more than recipes, and in the books we can follow him around on various food adventures around Finland.

Food styling and illustrations

The request for the layout was a simple, yet fresh, take on a traditional cook book. The beautiful pictures taken by Tiina Tahvanainen and Linus Lindholm completes the layout perfectly.