Graphic design and visual communication

Branding, webdesign, books, packaging, broschures and print.

Timeless design that lasts – we design with focus on the client.

Vill du hellre bygga dina hemsidor själv? Datumet för nästa onlinekurs i webbdesign är inte satt, men men redan nu kan du göra en intresseanmälan.

Hi! Im Elin.

I work as a graphic designer in Vasa.

As a graphic designer it is my job to tell your story, That’s what design is all about – to visually present what you want to say about your companys brand or your product. Regardless if you are looking for marketing materials for your company or if you are looking for someone to layout your next book or packaging you are at the right place.

Right now I have customers mainly in Ostrobothnia, on the Åland Islands and in Stockholm. I work where you are!

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