Restaurant HEJM

Visual identity for Restaurant HEJM in Vaasa.
Logo and graphic profile, web design and marketing materials.

All pictures on restauranthejm.com is by Linus Lindholm


Visual branding for inplan in Vaasa. Graphic profile and marketing materials.


Branding and Web Design for Niska Restaurants in Finland Niska Restaurants is a franchising concept found in several cities across Finland. They serve flatbreads, or


Visual identity and logo design for Botniarosk Botniarosk is a waste management facility that consists of seven municipalities: Storå, Bötom, Kaskö, Kauhajoki, Kristinestad, Närpes, and

Layout of Research Report

Layout of Research Report Åbo Akademi’s research department Samforsk requested assistance with the layout of their evaluation report, which was published in June 2023. They

Kulturresiliens i vardagen

Kulturresiliens i vardagen The project Kulturresiliens ”i det nya normala”, loosely translated “resilience in the cultural field”, ran in the years 2021-2022. The goal was

Micke’s cookbooks

Micke’s cookbooks Michael Björklund is an award winning chef from the Åland Islands. He has focused on highlighting Nordic food, products, and producers. In his

Indevit Solutions

Indevit Solutions Indevit is a software development company based in Vasa with extensive industrial experience. They mostly work with large and middle-sized companies and organisations,

Restaurant FRÖJ

Restaurant FRÖJ Restaurant FRÖJ is a fine dining restaurant in Vaasa, Finland. The restaurant mixes local ingredients with flavors from the world, and head chef


Logodesign and visual guidelines for SilverKodit in Vaasa.
Year: 2020

By Vasco

Visual branding for delishop by Vasco. Visual profile and logodesign

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