Visual identity and logo design for Botniarosk

Botniarosk is a waste management facility that consists of seven municipalities: Storå, Bötom, Kaskö, Kauhajoki, Kristinestad, Närpes, and Östermark. They are responsible for waste management in the area and offer services for both individuals and businesses in the region.

Visual Identity and Illustrations

We started the project by selecting the soft, green shade in Botniarosk’s visual profile. We wanted it to represent the environmentally friendly act that waste sorting actually is!
From there, we went on building a completely new color palette, designed a new logo, and picked out a new fresh set of fonts. In total, we also created about 40 new illustrations with garbage-themed motifs. Hopefully, these can assist Botniarosk’s customers in navigating the recycling jungle.