Graphic design and visual communication

Kulturresiliens i vardagen

Kulturresiliens i vardagen The project Kulturresiliens ”i det nya normala”, loosely translated “resilience in the cultural field”, ran in the years 2021-2022. The goal was to help cultural workers and associations find tools to offer high quality digital experiences. All material from the project was gathered on a website that serves a roadmap with pointers […]

Micke’s cookbooks

Micke’s cookbooks Michael Björklund is an award winning chef from the Åland Islands. He has focused on highlighting Nordic food, products, and producers. In his back pocket, Michael has titles, such as Chef of the Year, both in Finland and in Sweden, a fifth place in the Bocuse d’Or chef championship. Photography: Tiina Tahvanainen and […]

Indevit Solutions

Indevit Solutions Indevit is a software development company based in Vasa with extensive industrial experience. They mostly work with large and middle-sized companies and organisations, who need a trusted long-term partner to take an all-round look at their IT challenges. The company was founded in 2011, and is now growing, and it was time for […]

Restaurant FRÖJ

Restaurant FRÖJ Restaurant FRÖJ is a fine dining restaurant in Vaasa, Finland. The restaurant mixes local ingredients with flavors from the world, and head chef and founder is Finland’s chef of the year 2017 Mattias Åhman. Photography for web: Linus Lindholm Visual identity and web design The logo of restaurant FRÖJ features the golden ratio […]


Logodesign and visual guidelines for SilverKodit in Vaasa.
Year: 2020

By Vasco

Visual branding for delishop by Vasco. Visual profile and logodesign