Branding and Web Design for Niska Restaurants in Finland Niska Restaurants is a franchising concept found in several cities across Finland. They serve flatbreads, or Ålandic pizzas, and are operated by the well-known chef Michael Björklund. WEB DESIGN | ILLUSTRATIONS | PRINT WEB DESIGN I was hired to create new websites for each of the […]


Visual identity and logo design for Botniarosk Botniarosk is a waste management facility that consists of seven municipalities: Storå, Bötom, Kaskö, Kauhajoki, Kristinestad, Närpes, and Östermark. They are responsible for waste management in the area and offer services for both individuals and businesses in the region. Visual Identity and Illustrations We started the project by […]

Layout of Research Report

Layout of Research Report Åbo Akademi’s research department Samforsk requested assistance with the layout of their evaluation report, which was published in June 2023. They wished for a fresh and modern look, while maintaining readability. The graphs were given a clear yet colorful look, and the forest green color reoccurres periodically throughout the various chapters.

Blomliv – Floral abundance in the Center of Närpes

Blomliv – Floral abundance in the Center of Närpes Blomliv is a flower shop located in the center of Närpes, offering everything from cut flowers and bouquets to houseplants and arrangements. Maria, the owner of Blomliv, is a passionate florist with a special interest in locally grown cut flowers. Branding and web design: E Nyman […]